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Send all your critical Messages notifications and alerts through transactional sms

We offer various SMS services like Bulk SMS Service, Voice call Service, international bulk SMS Service, long code Service and short code Service for personal and business use. Our SMS services helps you to developing and branding your business in the market. It also helps you to increase efficient client communication and achieving better growth in your business.


Uses transactional SMS for sending exam alerts, events and function information, school and college reopen date, arriving and departing time of students, new classes and lectures details, fees reminders and many other information to the students and their parents


Bulk SMS services are used for sending transactional details of user’s accounts, EMI reminders, insurance reminders, interest rates, debit/credit card suspension details and other query information to the customers.


Uses bulk SMS services for sending tips, rate fluctuation information, shares information and what is beneficial to purchase what is not and other information which is important for receivers and senders.


Uses bulk SMS services for sending information like check in/ checkout time, dinner or lunch ready information to the visitors who are in the hotel and resorts and greetings SMS to the clients.


Bulk SMS services are used by these industries for sending arrival and departure of vehicle, shipment details, delay of arrivals and departure information and so on


Uses bulk SMS services for sending vehicle EMI reminder, greetings, loan/ interest rate details, thank you/congratulation greetings, and other value added service information.


Uses transactional SMS for sending information and reminders to the club members, it is an very cost effective way to inform people about all recent activities, functions, award ceremony, morning walk reminders and many more. Different clubs uses SMS services in different ways.


API functionality is very important for web development companies, online portals, e commerce industry and software companies. They use it by integrating it in their website, application and software for sending auto generated SMS to the users regarding signup details, any changes done in their account details etc

Promote your business or product or service or event via promotional sms.

TRAVEL & TOURISM: In Travel Industry Promotional bulk SMS used for promoting their services in the market, Special Offer Alert, holiday Packages etc.

BANKS & INSTITUTION: In Banks and financial institution Promotional bulk SMS used for sending their new offers, services, new products etc.

HOTEL & RESORTS: Use bulk SMS services for sending holiday packages, guest visiting, events details, new services and other value added services to their clients and visitors.

MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT: Bulk SMS services are highly used by media and entertainment companies for promoting latest events, movies, and also advertise other services in the market.

EVENT & ADVERTISEMENT: Advertising agencies take lots of benefits by using bulk SMS services. As they promote and advertise events, and other brands in very cost effective way.

FMCG INDUSTRY: FMCG industry promote their brands and outlets through promotional SMS, and provide the new offers information th the end user.

CONSUMER DURABLES: Consumer durables dealers use bulk SMS services for promoting various brands, new offers, special packages etc.

SCHOOLS & COLLEGES: Schools and colleges use bulk SMS services to promote their college and schools in the community or In the area.


SKYPIXESL handles the Voice Broadcasting services. They are capable of disseminating pre-recorded voice messages to thousands of recipients at once. It is a very effective marketing tool capable of cutting through barriers like language and literacy and more.


Long code allows business to have their own dedicated numbers to receive and transmit text messages. By using long code one can receive unlimited SMS on their internet enabled computer or laptop. It is widely used for voting, pooling, quiz contest, dance/singing contest; lead generations and for receiving feedbacks etc.

SKYPIXELS at a Glance

SKYPIXELS is a comprehensive institutional management web solution focused on Global Educational Market and provides a digital platform for day–to–day school activities with robust web2.0 technology features integrated in one centralized system. SKYPIXELS is aimed for small to large school districts, private and charter schools, schools for the disabled, playschools, K-12 schools, universities, distant education, institutes and higher education. It is a customizable, interactive web solution for Students, Teachers, Management, and Parents of an educational institution and has improvedaccess to real–time data, up–to–the–minute statistics and information, accessible from any computer, anytime, anywhere within school network and from internet web. It generates variety of reports on the information and parents can avail their children day–to–day information like assignments, academic reports, and next exam dates online and email, voicemail alerts and keep with their progress. Schools keep getting more competitive, and parents want to give their children every possible edge.

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